[Salem-membership] Salem Coin Club (Aug 4 Meeting cancelled)

Mark Hartley info at oregoncoinclubs.org
Sat Jul 25 12:25:26 PDT 2020

I will start off with the immediate news:  The August 4, 2020
Salem Coin Club meeting has been cancelled.

The Fire hall (where we normally meet) has told us that they
are closing their facility to all community use through Dec 2020,
which means as of right now, we have no location to meet at.
Furthermore, due to the current limits on the size of groups
able to meet indoors, we cannot do regular meetings at the

The board met last week to discuss these issues.  At this
time, the only decision made was that the August meeting
is cancelled.

One of the things being considered is whether we try to set
up some kind of virtual meeting.  Before we invest a bunch of
time into setting something like that up, we wanted to gauge
the interest to see if people would be willing to join up
some kind of Zoom/Webex/Youtube meeting type event.  Please
respond back to me to let me know what you think about this
idea and I will pass this information on to the board.

Stay safe out there!


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